RRS Rescues Robbery Victim (see photos)

Around midnight yesterday, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) officers on routine night patrol of Motorway, close to Old Toll Gate, rescued a robbery victim.
The young man, who was stabbed by his assailants and dispossessed of his valuables, was left in a terrifying state.

The victim has been injured severely , and has got stabs with blood stains all over his body. He was totally helpless, but luckily the RRS came to his aid.

He was taken to hospital immediately by the officers.A report was also given by the RRS that Last week Wednesday, five suspects, who participated in a similar robbery around the area were arrested by the Decoy Team of RRS.

The victim, a lady assisted in identifying one of the robbers, who led us to their hideout, where his accomplices were apprehended.
The suspects were transferred to FSARS for further investigations.
This is a good report from the RRS
They said they could make Lagos safe and secure with the cooperation of the lagosian citizen the police assures  :
With your cooperation, we would not relent in making Lagos safe and secure.


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