Singer, Oxlade Replies Fan Who Advised Him To Beef Up His Security Next Time He His Visiting His Hood

Sensational Nigerian singer, Oxlade has responded to a fan who advised him to beef up his security the next time he visits his community.

Oxlade stormed Surulere, the community where he grew up in the night and his residents of the community who are his fans as well joined him on the streets as he walked with some of his crew and in a video he posted on his Instagram page, it appeared he almost being mobbed by the youth of Surulere as he had a difficulty in walking through them.

Reacting to the video, a follower identified as @wawaboss1 accepted the fact that Oxlade has street crebility but next time he should have about two security men or bodyguards around him.

Watch the video below;

Replying to the @wawaboss1, Oxlade urged him to also carry two security to his family house when he wants to go and see his brothers and sisters.

@odogwu_nwanyi wrote;

Good advice. Make person wey you collect im babe 10years ago no go shook you bottle for neck

@pigdin_masters wrote;

that oxlade no get manners🙄) see as him just open mouth waaaaa, come bash that guy family? small boys wen just get 10m for account🙌

@pbellebeautyng wrote;

Even me as I never chop bellefull I still Dey carry bouncer when I wan enter lere 👩‍🦯.

@melody_splash wrote;

Some celebrities with their rude response smh 🤦‍♀️ I see absolutely nothing wrong with what the dude said tho #Just an harmless advise

@andyblayz wrote;

Wasn’t a bad advice! It’s the fact that he’s trying to act like it’s not necessary for me! He go learn 😂