Singer Praiz Knocks A Troll Who Mocked Him For Not Cleaning His Compound

Nigerian singer Praiz has knocked down a troll who mocked him for leaving his compound unattended after posting a photo showing its looks.

Praiz shared a photo of himself standing in the middle of his compound and a troll reacting to that mocked him for not attending to it asking whether he would clean his compound before it turned into something else as it wasn’t looking good.

The compound was indeed looking unattractive and it appears it hasn’t been attended to for a while now or as if the house was abandoned and he just moved in to take the photo hence the troll’s question.

But Praiz replying to the question of the troll went savage on him saying he should come and clean the compound for him which means he isn’t even ready to do anything about the compound which is very bad.

Everyone who chances upon the photo of Praiz might either think he left the house unattended to or the place was abandoned as the ground where he stood to take the photo wasn’t nice at all and doesn’t speak well of him.

It might also be possible that where he took the photo is not his home but someone else’s home but then the fact that he was the one in the photo will make some tolls mock him as one just did while reacting to the photo.

screenshot below;