Sophia Momodu Disclose How Her Mother Hurt Her By Disagreeing To Something She Wanted

Davido’s first baby mama Sophia Momodu has disclosed how her mother hurt her by disagreeing with something she wanted which made her cry so much.

Sophia Momodu in a post disclosed that her mother’s response to her wish of her daughter with Davido, Imade take her last name Momodu hurt her so much when she disagreed with her and that raised torn of questions in her mind.

According to Sophia Momodu, when she raised the issue of Imade taking her last name her mother disagreed saying she’s cutting a child off from her last name, lineage, and inheritance and she can’t watch her do that to Imade.

Sophia Momodu then disclosed that this really hurt her a lot and made her cry at a point in time and she also had a lot of questions in her mind as to why her daughter Imade can’t take her last name Momodu but rather Adeleke.

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In our African certain, children always take their father’s last name unless a circumstance demands that the child take the mother’s last name and since there was nothing like that Sophia Momodu’s mother didn’t want her to hurt Imade.

Today, most people take their mother’s last name even when their fathers are around and guess that was something Sophia Momodu wanted to do even though Davido is taking responsibility for Imade.

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