Sophia Williams Reacts After Uche Elendu Was Dragged For Congratulating Her And Nuella Njubigbo

Actress Sophia Williams has reacted after her colleague Uche Elendu was dragged for congratulating her and her rival Nuella Njubigbo.

Nuella Njubigbo and Sophia Williams aren’t best of friends and are sort of rivals after Nuella snatched Sophia’s then-husband Tchidi from her and later teased her with their marriage claiming it’s a match made in heaven.

Yesterday, Nuella was gifted a car by an unknown person and Uche Elendu was there to congratulate her and later in the day, Sophia Williams announced the arrival of her baby girl and Uche Elendu was there to congratulate her.

This made some netizens drag Uche Elendu for congratulating both Nuella and Sophia when she knows very well that they aren’t best of friends and Sophia has reacted to that defending Uche Elendu on that.

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According to Sophia Williams, she has no enemy and Uche Elendu has done nothing wrong by congratulating both of them on their win hence went ahead to praise Uche Elendu for doing a good job by congratulating both of them.

One thing we usually forget is that the enemy of your friend shouldn’t automatically become your enemy as well and that is the situation of Uche Elendu as she has no problem being friends with Nuella and Sophia even though they aren’t friends.

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