South African lady displays her four certificates during bride price negotiation

A South African bride-to-be has proven her worth to her man and his family during her introductory rite and bride price negotiation, also known as Lobola.

Lobola is a Swahili word that means “bride price” or bride wealth” and it is commonly used by people in South Africa, Zimbabwe as well as some South and East African countries.

Lobola negotiation is a process of presentation of a payment made by the prospective groom to the bride’s family.

During a recent Lobola negotiation, the young woman proudly exhibited her four credentials to the potential suitor’s family as a warning that her bride price would not be cheap.

A South African man, Ramushu shared the story of the bride-to-be on social media.

Meanwhile, a lady known as Queen Cindy on Twitter has taken to the platform to state that a lady’s bride price should be determined by the size of her breast.

According to her, the amount of bride price that would be paid on her bride will be determined by whether a breast is big or small.

She tweeted, “Bride price should be paid according to the size of her breast ???”.</em