“Speak Up For Your Man Against Outrageous Bride Price Or You’ll Enter A Marriage Full of Debt” – Lady Advises Fellow Ladies

A beautiful lady known on Twitter as Thendo Sharon has urged her fellow ladies to rise up and speak up for their prospective husbands when parents present humongous bride price to them.

Thendo Sharon argued in a tweet that parents and relatives are not supposed to use bride price to enrich their lives therefore ladies must fight for their men if their parents demand very outrageous items as bride price.

She cautioned that men will resort to loans and run into debts when they marry if women do not rise to their defense.

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In her words,

”Ladies, bride price was never meant to enrich your parents and your uncles who don’t even know your birthday.

If you don’t speak up for your man, you will enter a marriage full of loans and debt caused by your own family. Fight for your marriage!

”Debts cause divorce and a very unhealthy home with a unhappy marriage”