Tekno Scared Of Tweeting? – Asks Whether He Can Tweet

It appears Alhaji Tekno is scared of tweeting as he quizzes whether he can actually tweet after the federal government banned Twitter in Nigeria.

Tekno just like some other celebrities and public figures is trying to ease the tension in the air after the government banned Twitter in Nigeria when asking whether he can tweet on Twitter just like the government did.

Tekno tweeted asking whether he can tweet just like the government announced on Twitter that they have banned Twitter in Nigeria and that really got some of his fans laughing asking whether he’s scared to tweet.

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Some fans of Tekno replied hilariously to his tweet for him to realize that he can tweet even though Twitter has been banned in Nigeria, others were just airing their displeasure of the whole situation and asking Tekno to help.

Tekno has been silent throughout the whole killing and ill-treatment of Nigerians and even when the federal government banned Twitter, he didn’t say anything about it but now is trying to ease the tension by asking whether he can tweet.

Screenshot below;