The 2002 Ikeja Cantonment bomb blast

Sunday,January 27, 2002 was especially a miserable day for some families in Lagos State. The difficulty, which inevitably sent numerous to their graves rashly, began around 5pm when there was an abrupt blast, much the same as that of a quake. The boisterous blast shook the whole Lagos city, as though bombs were exploded behind the windows of every one of the inhabitants.

Being an extraordinary event and not recognizing what was really occurring, individuals, justifiably, began running haphazard. Also, while hastening for wellbeing, they heard a few different blasts, of same force, and in the creative mind of many, maybe another war had begun. The vibration broke windows, rooftops and cut down structures a few kilometers away.

Obscure to many, the blast, which sounded for around multiple times and nearly tore the metropolitan city separated, was originating from Ikeja Military Cantonment.

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It was later accumulated that some high gauge bombs kept underground at the military office were not very much put away, which prompted the coincidental release of the bombs. Another variant said there was a fire flare-up at the Armored Technical Dump inside the office which later spread to where the bombs were put away and set off the savage blasts.

In practically no time, there was upheaval over the city, and as individuals were running for their lives, the rush prompted passings, and continuously, the loss of life started to rise. In this way, over the city, dead bodies littered the avenues. Out of frenzy, individuals hopped into fire, some ran into moving vehicles and were wrecked while some were scorched to death by the seething fire.

While those circumstances were unbelievably tragic as can be seen in above picture.

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Below are the bodies of ikeja cantonment bomblast victims: