The Girl That Tells You ‘Baby Goodnight’ is Telling Another Guy That She Can’t Sleep’ – Wizkid

Wizkid has made an intriguing post on social media that’s a complete departure from his conventional music related activities.

The Grammy award-winning artiste and ‘Made In Lagos’ coiner took to his Snapchat account to reveal one of the secrets formulae of how ladies play guys all the time. He said while a girl would be bidding her boyfriend goodnight, she will quickly hop on to the next guy in waiting to tell him she cannot sleep.

”Na same girl wey send you message “baby goodnight”… na him send another boy message..”Baby i cannot sleep”, he wrote.

In a related development, the father of three was literally dazzled by a portrait a Nigerian artist made of him recently in a post shared by Etiketa.

The artist, Amos Osemwengie, shared photos and a video of his impressive painting of Wizkid and instantly, the multiple award-winning artiste’s attention was drawn to the piece of art which astounded him.

Amos, in an Instagram post, explained that he had developed a love for integrating different art forms and saw no reason for there to be boundaries between the industries.

He wrote: “We can think about this piece as my first attempt at infusing both art forms. By creating a traditional visual art of one of Africa’s leading music star Wizkid(Big Wiz). Documenting what i believe to be his most solid project yet Made In Lagos.

According to CorrectNG, Amos said he infused all the elements he found exciting on Wizkid’s Made in Lagos album as well as the visuals he felt described the singer’s artistry.

Wizkid after coming across the paintings, shared it on his Insta-stories to show his appreciation of Amos’ work.