The only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people – Bishop Oyedepo

The founder and senior pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide otherwise known as Winners Chapel, Dr. David Oyedepo, says there is nothing remaining in Nigeria if you remove the investment of God’s people.

Oyedepo said this while preaching in his church in Ota, Ogun state today June 20. Vanguard quotes him as saying;

”Remove the products of revival from Nigeria economy…, there is nothing remaining. The only thing remaining in Nigeria today are the investments of God’s people. You know the other people are busy killing themselves. No plan, no purpose, no forward looking.

Check all the employment of labour today in this country, authentic, not manipulated stuff. They are believers. Those are products of a revival. Unleashing financial fortune to advance His Kingdom. That is why your Church (LFC) will be building rural churches and at the same time building the Ark (over 100,000 capacity) and building every other thing that is coming around.

Revival moved the Church from completing one church building in 20 years to multiple church building constructions at the same time. God unleashes financial fortune in a revival and Nigeria is a case study. You know where the Church was in Nigeria, in the 70s and in the early 80s. It was a pitiable assembly of people.

That painful proverb, “as poor as church rat”, was a true description of the church. You could have a church building going on for 20 years. I saw one in my place. 20 years without completion. All the powerful ministries were renting shops and sheds, in fact they called us mushroom churches. You know mushrooms grow today and disappear tomorrow. But when that move came and people’s hearts began to pant after God, the story of men began to change” he said