Thieves forced to sing praises to God after they were caught stealing (Video)

Whether it’s for the atonement of their sins, punishment for their crime or just amusement for the people who caught them, this duo of thieves were hilariously made to have a praise and worship session in God’s honour after they were nabbed.

While the video has been met with laughter after it was shared online because of the hilarity of the thieves’ situation, the punishment for their crime was real albeit hilarious.

According to some news outlets in Ghana, the two thieves were nabbed stealing in the Oti Region of the country and were forced to fit into a barrel, before being asked to sing praises to God.

It however is not clear what they were caught stealing, but their video has since gone viral on social media with a couple of netizens okay with the punishment they were given rather than they having a brutal one.

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