Timini Egbuson’s Ex-girlfriend Lydia Calls Him Out – Claims He’s A Predator, P*rvert, And A Terrible Person

The 21yrs old ex-girlfriend of Timini Egbuson has called him out over things he did to her while in a relationship calling him a predator, p*rvert, and a terrible person.

Lydia has let out things she has been keeping to herself just to protect the image of Timini Egbuson since she can’t keep them anymore revealing her monstrous he has been calling him a pervert and a terrible person.

According to the post of Lydia, Timini Egbuson has a thing for much younger girls and he emotionally downplays them with his celebrity status and his friends and family are aware of this but sees nothing wrong with it.

Lydia disclosed how harsh Timini Egbuson was towards her when she questioned him about going after younger girls aside from her even when they were dating and when she asked him to seek professional help, he will always burst out and start slut-shaming her.

Adding that Timini Egbuson is a monster who used her suicidal thoughts against her asking her to go and kill herself when he knows very well that she has been suicidal for a while and has been open to him about everything but he doesn’t care about any.

Lydia then using her experience with Timini Egbuson advised young girls who are planning to date older men way older than them to be very careful because they come after them for a reason and it’s not a coincidence that you guys met.

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