Toke Makinwa finally reveals why she has been single for a long time

Media personality, Toke Makinwa who got married to Maje in 2014, and divorced in 2017, has revealed why she has been single for a while now.


According to the TV girl, she has been selfish with herself, dating herself and loving on herself that accommodating someone else scares her.

She made this known in a series of tweets. Read below…

Been single so long that I like the idea of a relationship more than actually being in one, I am selfish with myself, I love my space, I like to move as I want, I love waking up sprawled out on my bed alone, the concept of “sacrificing” all these to “accommodate anyone scares me.

I think I know what the problem is, I have been in a relationship with myself for so long, dating myself and loving on me, I have become selfish, I’ll need to first break up with me but I like me, me works, me comes first, I don’t know how to undate myself. Whelp

I know I like to “date” but when I’m actually asked out on a date I think of a million reasons to cancel,the thought of putting in effort turns me off, in my head it’s rosy, in real life…. It is a lot of work and I can’t be bothered, who else can relate?

Chatting is cute in the beginning, at some point I get tired and lose interest, can someone date for me, like can I hire an assistant to go on all these dates, share my CV, see if we are fit for each other and close the deal, i just want to fast forward the process Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRed heart

They tell you to fall in love with yourself, yet when you do, they say not too much less people think you are selfish. Then they say “don’t settle”, know your worth, you raise your standards high they come again and say “be realistic”, this life is crazy Winking face with tongue, just do you.

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