Traffic Police Officer Screams For Help After Driver Revealed He Is Kidnapping Him [VIDEO]

A Nigerian traffic police officer couldn’t help but to scream for ‘help’ after a driver revealed he’s kidnapping him.

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According to the narration at the background of the video which was recorded by the driver, the traffic police officer alleged that the driver has violated some traffic regulations and hence must be arrested.

He opened the front passenger seat of the car and ordered the driver to drive off to the station for processing. The driver who was so confident that he had not violated any traffic regulations ordered the police officer to step out of his car.

The police officer refused to step out of the car as the driver begin to drive off. The driver then seems to have used his ‘common sense’ knowledge on the police officer after he revealed to him that he is taking him away.

The police officer was confident at first when the driver revealed to him that he’s kidnapping him of which he replied “Okay, kidnap me

” fixing his police hat well and sitting properly as the driver start to drive off.

He seems to have come back to his ‘conscious’ when the driver begun to speed off insisting he is kidnapping him. The police officer stated begging the driver to stop the car so he can get out because he’s no longer arresting him.

The driver seems to have aimed at inciting fear in the police officer of which he was able to achieve as he insisted he is not stopping the car.

The police officer stated screaming and shouting for help, begging the driver to stop the car, watch the video below;