Victoria Inyama And Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mam Sandra Fights Each Other Over Her Advice To Single Mothers

Actress Victoria Inyama and Ubi Franklin’s baby mama Sandra Iheuwa have fought each other on social media over Sandra’s advice to single mothers asking them to level up financially.

Sandra Iheuwa in an earlier post advised single mothers to make good use of the monthly alimony given by their baby daddies and work hard for themselves and their children not to depend on anyone.

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Victoria Inyama who seems not to agree with Sandra in her post asked her to specify single motherhood because some of them became single mothers after the death of their husbands while others had to do so to save their lives.

Victoria Inyama went to the extent of shaming Sandra Iheuwa for not being able to marry her baby daddy asking what kind of work she does to support herself and her baby.

And Sandra Iheuwa replying to that didn’t take it lightly o Victoria Inyama slamming her back asking her to stay in her miserable lane as she reveals why she isn’t married and the kinds of businesses she owns in the UK and Nigeria.

Screenshot below;