“We Need To Do Away With Our Culture In Africa Where We Spend Millions On Burying The Dead” — Reno Omokri

Author and political activist Reno Omokri has opined that Africa needs to do away with the outdated culture of spending millions in burying the dead.

reno Omokri  burying dead

In digesting his point, the former presidential aide recounted how one of the wealthiest men in the world, King Abdullah, a Saudi Arabian after his death was buried in a simple way. He was wrapped in a white cloth and buried where other poor people were buried.

He further buttressed that the Muslims believed in equality in death and it is a way to honor God.

Reno also cited biblical references, the likes of King David and others who were buried in the simplest of ways.

In conclusion, culture is dynamic, not static, hence the need to evolve from spending millions to Bury the dead.

However, this is coming after the burial of Obi Cubana’s late mother.

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