“Wetin we go call this one?!” – Lady’s “pantless” photoshoot leaves netizens puzzled (See photos)

Tbvh, at this point, there is nothing our eyes won’t see on this Obasanjo’s internet. Smh

The finished photos from a lady’s photoshoot session was uploaded on the web and its content have left quite a number of netizens puzzled.

In what appears to be a rather bizarre way to take photos, the lady who donned a yellow top and skirt with a black bralette, posed with her panties slightly below her thighs.

Her unique fashion in taking the photos have stunned a couple of netizens who have come across her photos as they ponder what the essence of her pose is — some were not so surprised as they’ve already declared in their mind that her gender will never cease in doing amazing things.

Checkout more of her photos as you scroll,