What Are The Influences In Politics That Make Good People Completely Useless – AY Comedian Asks

Comic actor Ayo Makun known as AY Comedian has asked the question on most people’s minds as to why supposedly good people turn useless when they join politics.

AY Comedian wondering just like most of us took to his social media handle to ask what are the influences in politics that makes the supposedly good people get in and become completely useless to their society and people.

AY Comedian thinking out loud asked why do people aspire to leadership with a promise to serve the interest of their people but end up servicing their own personal agendas forgetting that they once made a promise to their people.

This is something that every politician ends up doing no matter how good the person was before joining politics as they all turn to have their interest at hand first when they are given the power forgetting that some people voted them in power.

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AY Comedian’s question is valid and needs to be answered but then only politicians would be able to tell us the populace the kind of influence that is in there that make even the good ones we knew to turn useless

Most of the people we knew to be good people who had the interest of others at hand eventually turn to be useless and put only their interest whenever they join politics and that is what some of us including AY Comedian want to know why.

screenshot below;