WhatsApp chat of a man who earns N240k explaining to his fiancee why she should quit her N355k job before they get married (Screenshots)

Screenshots of a WhatsApp chat between a working class man and his working class fiancee has surfaced online.

According to the chat which is dated June 2019, the man was earning N240k while his fiancee was earning N355k.

The man asked her to consider quitting her job and become a housewife before they get married.

But she declined, stating how it is possible for her to be a a working class lady and a good mother.

The conversation continued for a while as the man pointed out that they could have issues in raising thieir children because they both close late from work, however, she said that a nanny can be hired.

This suggestion did not sit well with her fiance as seen in the screenshots below.

Read their chat below


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