When A Nigerian Artisan Says ‘I Can Do It’ Run Because You’re About To Lose Your Material – Lady Cries Out

In every country, there are artisan code languages that foreigners or strangers will find it difficult to understand for the first time.

Sometimes, the strangers get themselves into total dismay or made fun of for failing to get the actual meaning of these artisan code languages.

Although, these languages are in literal words but of different interpretation in the concept of artisan code language.

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A twitter user identified as Ozzy has revealed that, when a Nigerian artisan use the word ‘I can do it’ it goes far beyond the literal meaning of doing something potentially positive for whatver task you give hhim or her..

Her interpretation suggest that, I can do it by a Nigeria artisan means he is going to destroy your material or product for you.

Ozzy tweeted “I can do it” is Nigerian artisan code for “I will fuck your shit up, mercilessly, relentlessly and unapologetically.”