‘Why I’ll Cook 3 Times For My Husband In A Single Day’- Pretty Lady Says On Twitter

A Twitter user has mocked feminists and their toxic movement after she insisted she will cook three times for her husband in a single day.

The lady who identified herself as Fashion Engineer on Twitter said unless her husband asks her to rest, she will go all out to prove her loyalty and submission to her by preparing meals for him three times a day.

“I’m here to remind these e-feminists that I’ll cook 3times daily for my husband unless he chooses to let me rest,” she wrote.

Although feminism is about all genders having equal rights and opportunities on the surface, most feminists have taken it beyond to mean disrespect in all facets to men.

It’s no longer about levelling the playing field between genders, and ensuring that diverse women and girls have the same opportunities in life available to boys and men.