Why Married Men Go After Side Chics — Media Personality, Olaudah Shares Insights

Media personality, Olaudah Equiano has dropped his two cents on married men having extra marital affairs with other women who are mostly referred to as side chicks.

In a series of posts on his Twitter page, Olaudah revealed that married men go for side chicks because they for them what their wives have stopped doing for them.

He kicked against the notion that side chicks are prettier than their wives as he claimed that in most cases wives are prettier but they give up on their looks in marriage after a few years, whereas side chicks still look sharp.

Olaudah noted that marriage is not the same as boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and one who is not or hasn’t been married will not know certain things, however, he stated that staying faithful to your spouse is the best.

Read his post below;

@omah2004 wrote;

I refuse to relate with this post as I have adopted Buhari’s method of minding his business.
These days, I just eat, sleep, wake up, express shock and go back to sleep again

@heavunforever wrote;

Everytime married men this. Side chick that. When was the last time someone spoke about global warming. Una no dey tire? 🙄