Why Women Don’t Spray Money Like Men Do At Parties — Blogger Kunle Shares Insights

A Nigerian blogger known as Kunlereal on Instagram blogger has shared insights as to why women don’t spray money at events unlike men who make it rain at every gathering.

Kunlereal said that women don’t spray money not because they don’t have as much but they are not just as buoyant as men when it comes to spraying,

He posited that women are just so loyal to their needs and value the money language They are very calculative in nature citing an instance that if a woman sprays one bundle, her subconscious thought already calculated a thousand things she could have done with that money as she will rather use dance to cover the rest than to spray the second bundle.

Kunlereal asserted that whereas most men live for the moment, women live for the future as that is why women are better at saving money than men and his explanation comes after he claimed to have seen a few videos of women spraying at Oba.

See his post below;

Instagram users have shared their thoughts on his post. See a few below;

@tkinzystar wrote;

Lol only Bobrisky can spray money. Oh no I forgot she still have a man’s brain 😢

@iambiggysteve wrote;

If a man uses this same excuse they would call him STINGY. Wo this una double standard thing don enter level 10

@wisdomcounsellin wrote;

Moral lesson: women may not spray as men do, but women are amazing givers too.