Wife Narrates How She Deliberately Had 3 Kids With Her Ex-boyfriend Because Her Husband Is Not Handsome

A yet-to-be-identified wife has hit social media to narrate how she deliberately had 3 kids with her ex-boyfriend all because her husband is not handsome and she doesn’t want her children to resemble him.

According to the wife, she got married to her husband because he was financially sound, caring, and loving. She said aside from all these attributes, one thing she doesn’t like about her husband is his looks.

She stated she has always dreamt of giving birth to lovely and nice babies but every time she looks at her husband’s face, something tells her, her dreams of having lovely and nice kids won’t be achieved if she decides to have babies with her husband.

She continued that she always takes contraceptives anytime she ‘sleeps’ with her husband just to avoid been pregnant for him. She added a crazy idea of having an extra-marital affair with her ex-boyfriend who is also married strike her mind and indeed through the process, now have 3 kids with the ex-boyfriend with the husband believing the kids are his.

Narrating the story to Multimedia’s on-air presenter Tima Kunkum, the wife is now seeking advice from the general public as the husband has now won an American lottery and is willing to travel with the kids of which she knows differently that a DNA test will be conducted to finalize the process.

Read full narration below;

Dear Tima , I write with so much regret in my life, I’m 34 year old married woman with 3 kids expecting my 4th child soon, hhmmm Tima the unfortunate thing is all my 3 children are for my ex who is also married, it was my decision to give birth to beautiful children but when I met my husband he was not handsome for my liking but I liked all other things he portrayed, he’s hardworking , caring and has lots of money so after our marriage anytime I sleep with him and I’m not safe I take birth control pills , my cycle is very correct so if I’m safe I never get pregnant it went on for a while so after our first year of marriage he started getting worried , he asked that we go see a doctor so we went to the hospital and Doctor said we were both fine which I already knew but couldn’t say anything because I had my own reasons for not wanting to have a child for him, because I was scared our children will look horrible , so a crazy idea stroke me and I immediately started chatting my ex who’s so handsome but married ,Tima my ex boyfriend is a big time flirt it’s one of the reasons I left him so it was so easy for us to hook up hhhmm so anytime I’m ovulating I called him and we meet at a secret place and we make love all night then I get pregnant ,he will ask me if I’m safe then I lied that I’m very safe he knows my cycle is really effective , Tima if I’m safe I’m safe paaaa so he believed me, Tima the reason why I’m here is my husband has won an American lottery and I know definitely definitely there will be a DNA at some point now I don’t know what to do , whether to tell him now or wait for it to get to that point . My Ex doesn’t also know my 3 kids are his .Tima please help me I know I’m a mess , I need your advice.