Wizkid Criticized For Showing Davido Fake Love By Vibing To His Song

Daniel Regha has once again criticized Wizkid for showing Davido fake love while reacting to a video of Wizkid vibing to Davido’s song to celebrate his 10th anniversary.

A video of Wizkid and his boys vibing to Davido‘s song in a flight while celebrating his 10th anniversary went viral and even Davido shared the video on his InstaStory to show that there’s no bad blood between them as people think.

Daniel Regha who finds fault in everything celebrities do criticize Wizkid for showing Davido fake love by vibing to his song offline and snubbing him online but Davido has shown that he genuinely loves Wizkid and shows it everywhere.

According to him, Wizkid vibing to Davido’s song offline but snubbing him online is just fake love and if he’s cool with Davido, he should man up by acknowledging Davido because Davido occasionally shows him, love.

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But the energy isn’t reciprocated by Wizkid adding that beef may give him Streams but it’s not a good legacy for Wizkid to leave or wishes to be remembered as someone who always beefed Davido when he has been vibing to his songs offline.

The relationship between Davido and Wizkid is hard to classify as they both show love to each other when they want and shade each other on the gram when things get heated up even though they have both claimed there’s no bad blood between them.

Screenshot below;