Woman aborts triplet,and dispose then by the roadside.(readmore)

What a wicked world, when thousands of women are out there looking for fruit of the woman, this woman aborted these triplets and dumb them by the road side as you can see they are not fully formed

How can we be living with the devil himself on earth😭😭😭😭😭many people are out there asking God for one,so that people will know that they are a woman or a man and some people are here killing the innocent kids..while some people are asking God for a cripple in order to answer mummy and daddy…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭just look at what a human being did to this bundle of joy😭😭😭triplets for that matter😭😭😭😭

why not allow to reach nine months then born them and let them live..just abandon them at the gate of motherless baby home rather than taking their lives like this..anybody that did this…you are not a human being you are a devil in disguise….crying so deeply right now…. Father in heaven Please give those that value humanity kids in Jesus name Amen… People are wicked seriously…breaking the hearts of those looking for the fruits of the womb.. Uwa (world)


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