Woman dumped for doing chores at her boyfriend’s house

An African lady has taken to social media to lament after she was dumped by her boyfriend for doing chores at his house.

The lady identified as Sinekhaya Nazo said she was dating a Korean man. One weekend, he left his house and went to work, so she cleaned, did his laundry, and cooked for him.

Nazo said while she expected him to appreciate all she had done in his absence, he took offense when he returned and asked if she was trying to tell him that he was dirty.

She explained to him that men in her country love women who do things around the house, but the Korean guy didn’t see any sense in it and ended their relationship.

Narrating the incident on Twitter, she wrote,

“Cultural differences are actually quite interesting. I was once dating a Korean guy, he left me at his place on a Saturday to go work. When he came back I cooked, cleaned & did his laundry. He dumped me. He said I’m low key saying he’s dirty 😭😭”.