“They almost stripped me nak*d” Woman who tattooed Bobrisky’s face on her back cries as she claims area boys harassed her because of the tattoo

Ewatomi Gold, a lady who tattooed Bobrisky’s face on her back is the talk of social media and has released a video showing her crying while narrating how she was allegedly harassed by area boys because of the tattoo.

She claims she was on her way to see her mum in Ikorodu and was waiting for a bike when some guys recognised her as the woman who tattooed the crossdresser’s face on her back, so they verbally assaulted her, tried to physically abuse her, and nearly stripped her.

After she released a video of herself crying, people accused her of lying. They said she was faking it to get Bobrisky’s attention so that he will give her money or a car so she won’t have to keep taking bikes.

Consequently, she edited her post to deny that claim.

Below is a video she posted after the alleged assault.