“Women don’t give free gift” – Man says as he recounts how his wife made him pay for a gift she gave him

A Nigerian man has narrated how his wife initiated a thoughtful gesture only for him to have to pay for it.

The man noted that his thoughtful wife saw the need for him to change his wardrobe, so she contracted a tailor to sew new sets of native attire for him.

To his surprise, when the clothes were ready, he realized his wife had only paid half of the bill and requested that he pays the balance.

Meanwhile, she presented the clothes to him as a gift, despite having to pay for it.

Recounting the incident, he wrote “My wife, seeing that I needed new native attires, decided to contract a tailor to sew some for me w/out my knowledge. She presented them to me then told me it was a gift from her to me. But she didn’t pay the man completely & asked me for the balance.”

He then added that women don’t give free gifts, the man would have to pay back one way or the other without even knowing.

In his words,

“Thank you all for your comments & quotes. My wife & I had a good laugh at them. And for those that were inspired by it, no man will frown at such gestures. Women don’t give free gifts. You’ll pay back one way or the other even without knowing. Merci 🙏.”