Women Don’t Want Love From Men, They Only Want Help – Blessing Okoro Says

Relationship advisor Blessing Okoro has claimed that women don’t want love from men but only want emotional and financial help from them.

Blessing Okoro in a post claimed that a lot of women don’t want love from men rather all they want is either emotional help or financial help and that is why every woman who has everything can stay on her own without a man.

According to Blessing Okoro, no matter what a man has, he still wants more women and the reason why women stay with cheating men is that they don’t need their love anymore and they are just using them for their needs.

Blessing Okoro also stated that women are with men not because they need love from them but are only using them for their emotional and financial need only and once they find a replacement they just move on.

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From Blessing Okoro’s post, it’s clear women are mostly with men because of the financial and emotional help they give them and not because they want love from them and that explains why some are still with cheating men.

Most men find it difficult to understand women and why they do certain things but this post of Blessing Okoro has made it clear that all that women need from men are emotional and financial help and not just love.

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