Women Should Be The Ones Asking Men Out — Media Personality, Odditty

Nigerian media personality, Odditty hold a contrary view on the idea and social construct that men must be the one to ask women out.

Odditty believes that women deserve to have the first pick and decide who they want to be with as it has been for men since society teaches women to wait till they choose.

In a short tweet she made, Odditty wished more will shoot their shot first despite the fact that they will still have to agree to a man’s proposal to marry him. Her stance has generated mixed reactions from social media users and they shared their opinions on it.

See some reactions below;

Points to note when shooting your shots as a lady
-Check how mentally mature he is. Some guys may see you as cheap or desperate. Another reason is that most guys are not used to being shot at so his reaction may be strange.


Even on gun point I can’t sorry 😂😂😂😂😂 if I love you, it will die inside me, except you come approach me.. 😂😂


The best guys I’ve met are those I approached myself. A friendship shot , business shot. If relationship will come along, it will.


But you guys are not mature enough na😂😂 y’all will think that’s how she does to other guys🙄🙄