Xenophobia: Skales exposes the evil in South Africans

Singer Skales has exposed the evil in South Africans which they try to blame on the foreigners whom they are now carrying out Xenophobic attacks on.

In a post he shared on social media, Skales revealed that all the crimes pinned on foreigners are actually what South Africans themselves do.


According to him, South Are lazy and don’t respect their women, that is why foreigners take their jobs and their women too.

He wrote:

“saynotoxenophobicattacks now look what you have started South Africans …. Nigerians and other African countries are beginning to retaliate…. AFRICA PLS LETS LOOK IN DEEP , THEY WANT TO DESTROY OUR CONTINENT ….pls no black on black killings say no to xenophobia… my heart bleeds”


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