You Make Some Youth Desperate To Make Quick Money – Davido Advised Not To Flaunt His Wealth

Singer Davido has been advised not to be flaunting his wealth on social media as he always does because he makes some youths desperate to make money.

Davido just yesterday bought himself a 2021 Rolls Royce and flaunted it on Instagram spraying cash on it bragging about how wealthy he is and he has been advised by one Daniel not to be flaunting his wealth like that.

According to Daniel, when Davido purchases things he shouldn’t be flaunting almost all of them on social media as he does because doing that makes some people especially the youths become desperate to make quick money.

He then advised him to invest his wealth and save for rainy days as buying cars and jewelry that he already has is a misuse of wealth since he (Davido) doesn’t know what tomorrow has in stocked for him and his family.

Daniel was right by saying he flaunting his wealth every single moment on social media makes some people especially the youth desperate to make quick money and live the kind of luxurious life he’s living hence he should minimize it.

We all know Davido is from a rich family and he has made his own money but then spending it on cars, jewelry and things he already has makes no point and it will be best if he saves for the future of his kids and old age.

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