Your Father’s Property Isn’t Your Property – MC Oluomo’s Son Advises

Son of MC Oluomo, King West has advised Nigerians to work hard and make their own properties because their father’s properties aren’t theirs.

MC Oluomo’s son posted advising Nigerians who brag and boast about the properties of their fathers to work hard and get their own properties as their father’s properties aren’t theirs hence they shouldn’t be carried away.

According to MC Oluomo’s son King West, Nigeria is a place where your father’s family can also take all his properties and send you packing therefore you have to bear in mind that your father’s properties aren’t your properties.

MC Oluomo’s son then advised individuals to be wise and work hard to get their own properties and not rely on their father’s properties which could be taken away from them by the family members of their father if anything happens.

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Unfortunately, it’s not only in Nigeria that the family members of a father take away his properties from his family if he’s no more therefore this advice from MC Oluomo’s son is to all of us and we have to work hard for our own properties.

Relying and depending on the properties or wealth of your father is a very big mistake most of the youth do and going by the advice of MC Oluomo’s son, no matter how wealthy your father is, you have to work for your own properties.

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