‘Your Virginity Is Not Valentine’s Day Gift To Boyfriends’ – Nazareth Jesse Cautions

Nollywood actress Nazareth Jesse is has issued a word of caution to unsuspecting young girls and women who are going to be lured to break their virginities by their partners.

She was engaged in a recent interview montitored by KemiFilani where she talked about a lot of things touching on virginity and the need to stay chaste till marriage.

According to her, a lady’s virginity is a wedding present to her husband and not a Valentine’s day gift to boyfriends who may not end up spending the rest of their life with you. She advised the young ladies not to repeat the mistake she made as she fell for the sugar-coated words of a guy.

In her words: “Virginity is a wedding present to your husband and not a Valentine’s Day gift to boyfriends; don’t enter your matrimonial home perforated. Don’t make the mistake I made; I thought Val was a sign of love and commitment forever.To the young girls, I will like them to know that love is not all about sex, don’t be deceived by gifts and sugar-coated tongues. This happens every day; men deceiving young girls with fake love. The person that loves you will not demand sex on Valentine’s Day; get to know him and his plans for you before taking any step further,”