You’re Greedy If You’re Rich And Nobody Around You Is Making It – Rapper Oladips Says

Rapper Oladips has ascertained that one is just greedy if he/she is rich and the people around him/her aren’t making it just like he’s doing and that isn’t a success.

Oladips in his discovery realized that it’s only greedy people who want to be hailed always and want people to come to them always hence don’t help those around them to make it exactly the way they were helped to make it.

According to Oladips, no matter how rich you are, if nobody is making it around you that means you ain’t successful but rather you are just a greedy a$$ person who is also ungrateful for what those around him are doing for him.

Oladips then added that if you are the only one making it in your circle and always looking fresh for people to be hailing you up and down and has nothing to show for it then you greedy and not a successful person as you think.

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Oladips post seems to be directed at someone as it appears he’s trying to shade someone who is rich but isn’t doing anything to help those around him so they could also stand on their feet and wants to be hailed always.

This mostly happens in the entertainment industry and Oladips being a rapper, we believe whoever this shade is for must be an artist in the entertainment industry who has a lot of people in his/her circle but isn’t helping them in any way.

screenshot below;