You’ve Been Charging Your Phone Wrong, See This

So many lifespan of lithium batteries has been shortened due to the way we charge our phones. These practices can shorten the lifespan of your battery.

1. Overnight Charging: leaving your smartphone throughout the night causes more harm than good to the life of your smartphone battery. Its a very bad practice.

2. Charging and Using the phone Simultaneously: it’s a bad practice to charge and use your phone to do tasks, a heat up of electrons would occur in the battery and then shortspan the battery life.

3.Draining Battery Completely :it’s very wrong to completely drain the battery before Charging it again, in this process the battery life would keep diminishing, its advisable to leave a 20% charge remaining before charging again. Do not completely drain the battery to 0%.

4.Don’t let your Battery fall below 40%: the best way to charge your phone is keeping it within the range of 40%-80%. In this manner of charging, your battery life remains stable. And keeps it for a very long time. You’d notice that Charging your phone battery to 100% keeps the battery stressed.

5. Unplug Charger after Charging: many Android users fail at this, even when your phone is charged, some still opt to leaving the charger in the phone. Its a good practice to unplug charger after charging.

6.Use Specified Chargers: some chargers are merely battery destroyers, use the charger Specified for your phone as different chargers has different rating


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