You’ve Not Been In Relationship For 10 Years Yet You’re Given Dating Tips, Nonsense – Actor Wole Ojo Speaks His Mind

Nollywood actor Wole Ojo took to his Instagram page to get the attention of people who set out to give relationship advice even when they were unsuccessful.

The often-unsolicited love advice is pretty hard to miss on social media and must have reached the actor who doesn’t seem very satisfied with it. According to him, most of the dating and relationship advice came from “single, broken idiots.”

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In the caption of his post, the actor said that this group of people should have had a successful relationship for more than 10 years before coming to give advice to others.

He added that if they managed to have a horrible relationship experience, then they should share a humbling experience to educate people on how not to go wrong.

Wole said they should avoid being bitter on social media;

“Be successful first! At least 10+ years, then come back and talk! And if yours was awful, share a humbling experience to educate people on how not to do it, not go online to shed bitterness! I SAID WHAT I SAID! “

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